Mini Me is the perfect brand for both traditional garment retailers and stores looking to maximize impulse buy opportunities. For the traditional garment retailer, Mini Me offers something fun and unique to include in their children’s set, with a huge variety of design themes to choose from, to maximize the potential of local market interests.

For the store looking to maximize impulse buy opportunities, Mini Me offers a fun and affordable product in the 2nd strongest impulse buy category behind food – Gifts! In doing research for the Mini Me brand, I discovered that food is the #1 impulse buy category (hence all of the candy and snacks at any checkout lane) but gifts for friends and kids was a strong second, and Mini Me is a gift for both a friend and a kid!


“Name Drop” it!

Promote your business by putting your business name on your Mini Me garments. When people see the baby wearing the Mini Me design, they will also see where to get one!


Perfect for Resort Gift Shops!

If your store happens to be located in a resort area you can name drop the town or resort on any design.

Please email info@minimebaby.com for pricing information.