Garment and Shipping Info -  

Can I get a customized first caption or custom design?

The short answer is yes! If you have an idea for a generic first caption for one of the designs, send us an email with your caption idea (it must start with the word "Born") and, if we like it, we will add it to our list of drop down options for the lead captions at no charge. If you want a personalized lead caption, email us your lead caption idea (it also must start with the word "Born") and if we approve it and it fits in the printing area, we can create the caption for you for just a $5 fee.

A custom design is possible, but it will take at least 2-3 weeks and there will be an additional fee of $40, which makes for an expensive t-shirt or onesie!

Can I add a personal note to send to the recipient of my Mini Me gift?

Yes! On the shopping cart page there is a text box where you can add a personal note to send with your Mini Me gift. The note is printed on the itemized packing slip and prices are not listed.

How does the website graphic compare to the delivered product?

These live preview mock-ups are created by placing the design graphic over top of a photograph of the actual garment. The live preview is done to scale (based on 12-18 mth size garments) and the laser printer used to print the Mini Me garments captures amazing detail, so what you see on the screen is a very accurate representation of the final product delivered. In fact, the website screen display is created using 72 dpi resolution to maximize the speed of the customer's browsing experience but the actual shirts are printed at 300 dpi - over four times the website resolution, which renders an extremely sharp and detailed printed image.  However, every computer screen is different in terms of color display and Mini Me cannot guarantee that the color of the final product will exactly match what appears on your screen, but it should be very close.

How are the garments made and delivered?

Our garments are made from 100% ringspun cotton components made in the United States and the bright, vibrant colors come from non-toxic, eco-friendly reactive dyes. The stretchy, ribbed crew necks allow for easy on and off and the double stitched sleeves and hems provide durability. Equally  important, they are produced by fair wage, fair labor certified suppliers. The inks used to print the designs and captions are also non-toxic and eco-friendly and all of the printing is done in the United States. In addition, all Mini Me products are delivered using 100% recycled poly mailers and 100% recycled shipping labels, both of which are also recyclable. 

How long does it take to print and ship a garment after purchase?

Each Mini Me garment is printed to order, and most garments print and ship within 24-48 hours, but some orders may take longer. Shipping is free for USPS First Class mail. Expedited shipping is available for actual cost of desired mail service.

No returns on personalized garments.