About Us

Welcome to Mini Me – personalized baby apparel that is fun, affordable and, most importantly, cute!

Mini Me was born from the idea that every parent likes to think that his or her child may one day enjoy some of the same things in life as they do and they look forward to sharing those things with their child. The goal was to connect the parent with this desire by creating a fun and unique visual theme and also create a few smiles along the way! Enter the Mini Me baby! This adorable stick figure character is engaging in many of people’s favorite things in life, whether it be sports and recreational activities, a lifestyle, or even an occupation, and is sure to put a smile on your face!

Each design has been hand-crafted, with every effort made to try to capture some essence of the activity while at the same time being simple, cute and fun. Now add in the fact that you can personalize each design with your own captions and you can really create a few smiles! Add the baby’s name and birth date or add your home town or favorite resort to the designs, add a reference to a parent, grandparent, sibling or other relative, even add an inside joke or poke a little fun at a friend with your own personalized caption. The possibilities are endless! 

Get creative and have fun, there is something here at Mini Me for everyone!

Mini Me Family Portrait