How To + Caption Tips

How to Build and Create a Customized a T-shirt or Onesie

1. Choose Design

Choose your design in either the Sports & Recreation Collection or the Occupation & Lifestyle Collection. There are a wide range of designs to choose from with either gender and you can get any design in any color in any style!


 2. Pick a Style and Color

Pick a Style and Color of baby apparel. Mini Me offers both Onesies and T-Shirts in four colors; Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow. There are also four sizes to choose from to offer the best fit for your baby. Check the garment dimensions to choose the size that is right for you.

Garment Sizing


3. Choose and Create your own Captions

Choose your lead caption from our drop down list of options, and create a second or third line of your own captions on your Onesie or T-Shirt. Proudly display your family business, poke a little fun at a friend, or even share an inside joke. The possibilities are endless!


Tips for Creating Captions

Use the Inspirational Gallery!

Below the live preview of the Mini Me garment on the product page of every design is an inspirational gallery of tile images with examples of different types of captions. Use these images to stimulate your creativity for creating your own captions or feel free to use the caption ideas in the gallery on your Mini Me garment. Once you have a caption idea, simply engage one of the drop down menus to bring back the image of the live preview garment to get started. Please make sure that you check the live preview to confirm that your caption fits on the garment.

Add the Baby's Name and Birth Date

Add a Favorite Happy Place

Add a Favorite Sports Team

Add a Reference to a Parent, Grandparent, Sibling or Other Relative


Add an Alma Mater

Great Gift for a Colleague

Poke a Little Fun at a Friend

Share an Inside Joke

(there's a good story behind that one!)

Please caption positively! Mini Me is about spreading good vibes so please keep your creativity positive. Mini Me reserves the right not to print anything determined to be unsuitable for the brand.